Customer services

AES provides:

  • The monitoring and the upgrade of the automation systems we have developed and implemented
  • The intervention in a wide range of industrial field for occasional mission related to customer service by providing our technical assistance and professional appraisal.

Electronic speed transition and PLC made by TELEMECANIQUE are our team's excellence fields of study. Our long experience enables us to work not only on installations which use the latest technologies, but also on former installations, included those which are not produced anymore.

With an overseas experience, our team is able to operate all around the world.

Our main customers are:

  • Schneider Electric Group
  • Grand Port Maritime of Bordeaux
  • Grand Port Maritime of Nantes Saint-Nazaire
  • Grand Port Maritime of La Rochelle
  • Gottwald Group
  • Joseph Paris company
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pays de Saint-Malo