Hosting is an industrial field which required long time experienced and high professional skills.

The main issues in hoisting business are linked to :

  • the wide range of technical implementation: mechanical, electrical and automation
  • dynamic performances requirement
  • legal safety requirements

Our experience and skills related to the technologies used in hosting business are the driving force of our willingness to create and provide our best appraisal in the field of hosting.

HOISTING has specific needs

  • trajectory management
  • ship loader and unloader availability
  • people and goods safety
  • productivity
  • driving comfort
  • misceallanous

HOISTING has specific industriousness

    grab follow-up for operating system ship loaders and unloaders synchronization pier synchronization trajectory control : ship loaders and unloaders for containers handling container park management misceallanous

HOISTING has dedicated tools

    bight control system kinematic chain security system on-line closed loop trajectory controlling software four-rope grab software positioning software for container unloading semi-automatic loading and unloading software Driving and troubleshooting assistance software Operating and maintenance assistance software misceallanous