Safety policy

Involved in the hosting business, we daily face numerous risks. Without a high evaluation, there may are serious issues either for the people or for the goods. Since five years of existence, AES has never been involved in any kind of accident.

However, in order to keep our zero accident aim, the company has developed the following safety policies :

Information and security clearance

Risk prevention belongs to AES' enterprise culture. Strongly linked with security and safety companies as well as thanks to the commitment of our team, AES develop strong means to guarantee the security by :

  • Developing staff information by
    • French legal Document Unique which evaluates, analyses, qualifies and quantifies the risks linked to our business activity and gives appropriate instructions and prevention measures to avoid them
    • safety instructions posted in our offices
    • brochures about electrical, chemical and petrochemical risks
    • individual advices from our local agency for safety and health at work
  • Staff safety clearance and training
    • electrical qualification (H0V-B2V-BR)
    • training to chemical risk prevention

Implementation and continual improvement

Preventing professional risks is a major priority for AES. May be it is one of the reason why our company has never known neither people nor goods damages.

Our prevention approach is built on :

  • Hiring a highly qualified workforce
  • providing individual protection equipments and collective protective measures
  • measuring the risks which can happen during the process
  • developing prevention reports in collaboration with the companies set in the intervention places
  • managing continual improvement in matter of safety policy
  • the partnership with subcontracting companies chose by AES for their serious and professionalism
  • the employees' opting out when they face non measured risks