In expansion since April 2005, Automatismes Etudes Services gathers an experienced and skilled team in industrial automation and control.

We are qualified in the following fields :

  • automation engineering
    • electrical studies
    • programming and implementation of :
      • automation handling equipment
      • industrial PLC
      • human machine interface
      • supervisory control and data acquisition
      • variable-frequency drive
      • all kind of electrical or electronic equipement
  • service delivery
    • maintenance
    • training
    • expertise
    • consulting
  • product development for automation and control

Our business segments :

  • hoisting
  • industry
  • training

AES is managed by :

  • Didier Girardeau, graduated in EEA, master of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Automation and has a PhD of Instrumentation and Measures.
  • Serge Martinez, graduated in a master's degree in Engineering and has a master's degree of Institute Business Admisnistration

Our experience and our teamwork skills enable us to bring reliable and high quality solutions to our customers, with respect to the specification schedule.