Quality policy and management responsability

AES is built on a quality approach where everyone is deeply involved. As a dynamic and growth company, AES leans on long time experience employees in the industrial automation and control solutions.

As a result, AES' engineering and design department in industrial automation, hoisting engines and numerical simulation (FEA) is certified ISO9001:2008.

This quality approach clearly shows our willingness to provide for our customers services and goods which best match to their needs. Thanks to our directions and objectives as well as structuring the management and the development of the company, our willingness is to:

  • improve our customers' satisfaction and trust
  • match to our customers' demands in terms of quality
  • fit with the legal requirements
  • AES in a continuous improvement approach of its performances

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Quality manual

Quality Management System and Customer Feedback

Content, scope and exclusions

AES has engaged its management in a certification approach of its management system according to the ISO9001 norm. In concrete terms, it brings:

  • A working process formalization which lists the tasks did in the company and which specifies their organization
  • A definition of the employee who is in charge of each process
  • A HR department which insure the consistency between the AES' human means and its needs to provide good services to the customers' expectations

In order to assess its quality policy functioning, AES has recording and following-up tools and indicators.

Customer feedback: methodology

Thanks to our "Customers' Expectations Card" AES can do an analysis of all of its customers' expectations. Be ready to listen to our customers and our partners is a permanent attitude of all the AES employees.

The customer feedback tools

  • Identification of the customers' needs before the service

Beforehand every deal, the identification of our customers' needs is formalized on different steps :

  • A contact who define the service
  • An offer review
  • A detailed offer which clarifies the whole deliverables
  • A contract review
  • Assessment of our customer satisfactions

AES uses two specific tools which identify the possible gaps between the providing service and the feedback of the customers about this service.

Customers 'complaints following-up and processing

A nonconformity form is open in case of written complaints. This tool enables to follow, deal with and trace the customers' complaints and to put in place a global following of all the complaints of the same nature. If necessary, corrective and preventive actions can be initiated.

Satisfaction interview

AES assesses its customers' satisfaction during meetings. These meetings take place at least at the end of the business, in particular for short term services. For longer term services, intermediate meetings are put in place.

The following point are always assess during the interviews:

  • The relationships quality
  • The services quality
  • The cost
  • The production time